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Sales Channels, Fulfilment, Accounting

Sales Channels + CRM,


“Sky Blue isn’t just enjoying the features of cloud computing, there are also significant commercial benefits, in our finance team for example, 9 hours a week saved within our credit control team. We’ve realised several more traditional cost savings too, for example, an anticipated requirement for a new sales support role proved to no longer be required following deployment. There have also been benefits in remote working capability, which has seen staff able to work while at home or on site much more effectively than ever before.”

Barry Pitts - CEO Sky Blue

“ reflects exactly the actual order of operations as it takes place in the normal course of business; its approach is very no-nonsense and it respects my intelligence, whereas other software makers treat all non-accountants as if we were mentally retarded, or they treat everyone as if they were accountants”

Alex Juarez - CEO AJM Global

“Incidentally I did have a sales call from Sage on Friday, trying to persuade me that SaaS is not the way to go and I would be better off with a networked multi-license Sage 50 solution, with remote access taken care of via Sage Mobile. Needless to say, after the time I've spent looking into, this didn't really appeal to me, neither did the £2.5k price tag (plus £900 per day quoted for training).”

Richard Smith - Director Handset Solutions


Better ecommerce order management

A complete ecommerce order management app with one database. You can connect multiple shopping carts from just about any vendor. VIDEO: see how one of our customers has automated 16 online stores. ALL of your Sales (CRM), Fulfillment (order management, inventory and supply chain) and Accounting information is joined up, in one secure place, and accessible from any browser.


For everyone

Because it’s one app, providing they have permission everyone has access to ALL of the tools and information they need to work effectively alone or together. No more multiple logins, no cutting and pasting, no out of sync or duplicated data and nothing falls down the cracks.


One versatile toolkit everyone can learn in minutes

Salespeople, folks who work in purchasing or the stockroom, your financial team and your accountant will have access to all of the tools they need, it just won’t take them long to learn them. No long or expensive training courses, just sharp and concise videos, an easy to read help file and friendly helpful support.


True Omnichannel, one customer view

Whether your customers buy or interact with you online (B2B and B2C ecommerce) or by phone, email, face to face or our app makes it possible for you to capture and track all of their details, interactions and orders in a single view.


Manage Fulfillment - Orders, Supply Chain,
Inventory and Shipping

Whether you’re drop shipping, making or stocking products we provide the tools and reporting to manage your supply chain, inventory across multiple locations, order processing and picking packing and shipping.


Real time Accounting, Tax and
Banking in multiple currencies

Our built in accounting platform eliminates the need for one of those stand alone accounting systems such as Sage, Quickbooks or Xero, who expect their customers to be a systems integration expert. Our accounting is joined up with your Sales Channels and Fulfillment tools, so every accounting transaction automatically updates your accounts. Revolutionary common sense!!

Avoid danger - joined up Sales, Supply chain & Cash Flow forecasting

Look closely, isn’t this useful? In the time it takes you to read the headline can your current software produce a detailed report that takes into account your sales and purchase forecast, lets you model arbitrary adjustments and shows you your exact cash position now and in future. Can your Sage or Quickbooks accounting software do this?



Reporting: clarity not complexity minus the effort

Because all your information is in one database our reporting tools let you easily and quickly join up sales, fulfillment and accounting data to create, memorise and run clear and up to the minute reports. No more time wasted pulling and piecing together data from multiple apps.


Custom reports: every report imaginable built for you

You’re busy, your time is valuable and you’re the expert on your business, so it might be you need reports unique to you. We’ll work with you to quickly produce them using our business intelligence toolkit. No more wasted time figuring out how to use vendor’s complex reporting tools and the endless support calls that ensue.


One DIY customization toolkit for growing businesses

When you’re growing a versatile information platform is essential. Our app is carefully architected to give you the essential tools you need today and might need tomorrow. A WYSIWYG editor enables you to easily add to any screen custom fields to store and report information. And just like a smart phone App store, our Plugin store lets you click and instantly add the features you need. No more expensive consultants.


Workflow Automation

Nobody likes doing repetitive tasks, our workflow automation engine lets you set and forget automation to automatically perform one or a series tasks freeing up time so you get can more done.

Switching software was hard

Myth: Migrating your data to another platform is hard and a reason not to move. Go check out the video and change your mind and your software.

Try it for free now

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