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Multi-currency, Tax agnostic and better than Quickbooks,
Sage and Xero (you don’t have to be a system integrator)


Trusted by Accountants, CFOs and Business Owners

Our mature, customizable and always up to date software has all you would expect from a mature accounting engine, including an optional ‘always on’ audit trail, support for an unlimited number of general ledger accounts and sub-accounts, and detailed reporting and analysis tools for accountants. This is easy to master and powerful multi-currency accounting software; battle tested, loved and trusted by management accountants everywhere.

Versatile, joined up and easy to use Accounting

Easy to use, multicurrency, tax agnostic accounting without the hassle of integration. Quickbooks, Sage and Xero expect you to be the systems integrator, we don’t. Every accounting transaction your Sales and Fulfillment teams make automatically updates your accounts. This is real time accounting as it should be, because you should always know where you are.


Reality based cash flow reporting

Perilously conventional accounting software gives you a retrospective and out of date view of your true cash flow forecast. Because our app joins together your Sales, Fulfillment and Accounting activity – all the data you need for a real time view of your historical, current and future cash balances is available


...designed for business people, praised by industry experts

The real purpose of business accounting software is supposed to make it easier to run a business, so we built ours to satisfy the needs of both accounting and non accounting people.


“quickly feels very comfortable” Isaac O’Bannon, Editor – CPA Practise Advisor


Multi-currency: work and trade globally

Because we provide support for multiple currencies our accounting features can be used just about anywhere. For example, our sales and purchasing documents automatically display and record the international or foreign price or cost, specific trading currency, related exchange rate, correct tax code for each customer or supplier. Foreign currency transactions and balances are shown in reports in both the local and trading currency (FX) values.


Tax tracking and legal reporting in black and white

Wherever you are, we make it easy to keep the accurate records and make the reports you need to meet legal requirements such as filing VAT or Sales Tax and annual accounts. You can set up how VAT or Sales Tax gets recorded and prepare Tax reports in minutes.

Accounting features

If you’re an accounting professional you’ll immediately recognise that our accounting has all of the features you expect from business accounting software and more. Here’s just some of the hundreds of features:


Classifications - organise and report everything

You can group together and organise documents for reporting and tracking purposes by assigning up to three different classes from as many classes as you want to specify. Classes are configurable on every document throughout the system, and enable you to create powerful cross function reports, which help you measure end to end performance in your business processes.


Process online payments

You can manually capture and process card transaction payments and apply them to outstanding balances, cash sales and sales invoices. We currently support Paypal and and we’re currently extending this list to include other major payment processors including BACS. If you have a specific requirement or choice of payment type, then we’ll be happy to review it and if appropriate add it in just a couple of days.


Attach and link documents to transactions

You can easily link and store as many documents as you need, associated with every transaction document, whether it be a web page, a Google doc, a spreadsheet or agreement. You can easily link together documents, such as purchase orders and sales invoices.


Send documents and track e-mail interactions

Your team can use your existing e-mail inside of our system. Send and receive sales documents and track all e-mail interactions by contact, by customer or supplier on a single screen within our system, giving you the complete story behind every customer or supplier interaction.

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