B2B ecommerce software anyone?

“We don’t really want a shopping cart, can’t we just use your Customer Portal for B2B commerce?” Surely your software can be configured to do this? I heard this question so many times during the launch of our ecommerce integration solution, I couldn’t resist heading over to Engineering to ask a few searching questions…

Ahah moment

After just ten minutes of outlining the ‘ideal B2B ecommerce software solution’, followed by a very short debate, we were scratching our heads as to why we hadn’t thought of this before – takes a woman to point out the obvious 😉 Reflecting on the conversations I’ve had with prospects and customers, the key requirements are:

Customer Login

– Ability to view items and availability
– Customer specific prices lists
– Ability for the customer to place and track the status of their Orders.
– Ability to view and pay Invoices

The benefits would be:

– No need to select and integrate a shopping cart
– Significant reduction in administration and costs
– A better customer experience
– More frequent sales

Do you need this?

So is there a strong case for B2B ecommerce? I’d love to hear your thoughts, whether or not your want it, what you think it should do and what would be the benefit of a B2B ecommerce extension to our Customer Portal. The thing is I reckon Engineering could have this done in a week (but don’t tell them I said it).

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