Integrate your other systems
Using industry standard protocols, including SOAP and XML-RPC, developers can easily create interfaces to send data bidirectionally between vendor systems.

Let’s work together

Whether it’s a simple barcode reader or a sophisticated telecoms call record system, our API makes it easy to design, map, connect and bidirectionally communicate with key features of our system such as our powerful back office accounting, inventory management or CRM. We make it straight forward for developers to extend for vertical market applications whatever the industry. In just days we’ve hooked up billing systems, payment providers, shipping tracking systems, shopping carts and professional service automation software.

web based ERP

Everything is XML

All the underlying objects and documents in our web based ERP software are represented as XML. It is therefore a natural extension to allow access by external systems using standard web service protocols. All data is sent to and from the API using XML.

Access everything…

Our API allows developers to manipulate our software in much the same way as most user actions. For example:-

  • Create Leads
  • Create Customers/Suppliers
  • Create Items
  • Create Quotes/Sales Orders/Invoices
  • Create Purchase Orders/Bills/Item Receipts
Developer to Developer support

We provide hands on support to quickly get your developers up to speed on our API and help you through the development process. Contact us to find out more.

 Continuous development

We are consistently refining and improving the API features to allow customers maximum flexibility in manipulating and extending the functionality of our web based ERP.