Netsuite cost too much? Netsuite pricing not in your price range? Looking for a Netsuite alternative?

We get a lot of feedback on Netsuite pricing and ongoing Netsuite cost, and more and more we are discovering Netsuite pricing can be prohibitive for many businesses. Netsuite cost is a key concern for many users and we know from conversations with our target market that Netsuite pricing has become prohibitive for a number of Netsuite customers. We’ve steadily increased the functionality and features of, and many observers and users are now declaring our small business ERP a viable Netsuite alternative. is now a worthy Netsuite competitor for users dissatisfied with Netsuite pricing and ongoing Netsuite cost.

The Netsuite cost model appears to require businesses to initially spend heavily on implementation and training and Netsuite pricing whilst presented as a monthly cost per user requires the customer to commit to a hefty annual ‘in advance’ fee. The initial Netsuite cost can start at in excess $5000 for only two users.

How we stack up against Netsuite cost

In contrast the initial start up costs for our small business ERP solution can be $0, as due our comprehensive Help system has enabled the majority of our customers to self implement with very limited interaction with our Customer Services team. Also by comparison Netsuite pricing for consultancy services can vary up to an eye watering $250 per hour, whereas the maximum you can expect to pay us for any services can be less than $150 per hour.

How we stack up against Netsuite pricing

In comparison to the Netsuite cost of support, support is free and we only our ask customers for a monthly in advance fee of up to $36 (£22) per user monthly subscription.

Coming soon, a Netsuite alternative

In November 2011, we are going to announce a comprehensive and low cost solution for users seeking a Netsuite alternative and therefore looking to escape from Netsuite pricing and ongoing Netsuite cost. This solution will provide a complete migration service from Netsuite to The combination of this new package and our month to month low cost subscription will offer all Netsuite users a better and more affordable deal.

If you have any questions in advance about our Netsuite alternative solution, please use the contact options provided or sign up for a free trial.

If you have any feedback you want to leave us on Netsuite pricing or ongoing Netsuite cost, then please leave your comments here.

I’ll talk to you soon..


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