ONE affordable, easy app for growing businesses

One sales funnel for B2B and B2C Ecommerce with a 360 view
of every customer interaction and transaction

Is Frankenstein making it hard for your customers and you?

Your prospects and customers expect you to make it easy for them to interact with you and know everything about them. If all of the points through which they can buy from or contact you, and all of their information doesn’t come together in one place you’re making it hard for them and yourself.

Any channel - track, forecast and analyze every customer


No bolted on CRM, ONE customer view, ONE screen (in real time)



Our Shopping Cart Connector can hook up your cart(s) so your online orders appear alongside orders captured on your others sales channels, therefore your stock and customer records are synchronized.

See “Supported Carts Tab” and Watch how one of our customers has automated 16 online stores.

We integrate with these awesome carts


B2B Ecommerce

Our built in B2B Customer portal allows your business customers secure access to serve themselves, view and select products and services with pricing unique to them, and create sales orders which instantly appear in their records in your system.



Keep detailed records of all contact information, conversations, transactions and activities with your customers, so you can serve them better and track their needs and buying behaviours.




If your current email service has IMAP capabilities you can hook it into your system to send, track and manage email interactions with each contact right inside their CRM record. We provide a rich email template editor to reduce effort and make your messages look good.


Web to Lead

You can capture leads from your web pages directly into our system so either your sales team can work the lead or our workflow automation engine can respond with an email.



We can provide connectivity and data interchange with your customer’s or supplier’s EDI Gateway provider(s). Just get in touch with Customer Services to find out more.



Price levels, Price lists and Price breaks

Give every customer unique pricing with their own individual price list. Specify who can buy what products at what price, set price levels for categories of customers, and automatically calculate and specify price breaks (volume discounts) for every product you sell.


Sales Funnel management simplified

We provide the easy to learn and use tools your sales teams need to efficiently capture, track and convert leads to prospects and customers. So you have complete and detailed end to end visibility of every sales cycle.



Real Time Sales Forecasting gives you easy to learn and use tools to scrutinize and analyze what’s happening to the sales pipeline and each sales opportunity in real time, down to the line item detail. It’s easy to review, and accurately report individual and team forecasts by customer, product and service. Our system lets you make adjustments to individual and team sales numbers to ensure accuracy of submitted forecasts.



Sales Management Information - any report imaginable

In-depth and accurate visibility of everything that’s happening in sales. Customizable, real time, detail and summary reports which allow you to drill right down to the detail, and check, contrast and compare the numbers. If you need a unique report, we provide an affordable, quick turn around custom reports service to deliver exactly what you need whether it be a dashboard, tabular or matrix report.


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