Sage 2015: still in the Stone Age

In 2015 Sage Customers and Partners: a collective of 800,000 businesses
still won't have a battle tested, end to end cloud based solution like ours.


RIP Sage: no more systems integration

Frankenstein mashups don’t belong in a growing business, neither does ‘stand alone’ accounting software. 3rd party apps with different user interfaces, overlapping functionality, duplicated data, different support channels and price tags all add up to more complexity and wasted effort.  Frankenstein won’t let you scale safely, keep your people motivated under pressure or adapt as you flex and grow.


Easy migration, fast switching

We completely understand how to get you off your Sage software. In just a few hours we’ll have a plan to safely move you onto our app. We’ll make absolutely sure you’re happy with your new system, and be with you every step of the way as you roll forward.


Zero support and upgrade costs

Unlike Sage, our support has always been free, which means we have a vested interest from the outset in making sure our system always works as it should do for you. We are constantly refining and adding new features to our software. We’ll never charge you for these.


Safe, secure and robust

We know you might be concerned about moving to the cloud. Our app is hosted by a Rackspace, a billion dollar hosting business. We have triple layer security and in five years we’ve never had a bug which has stopped our service.


Data Migration done for you

We offer a very low cost data migration service. Our dedicated team of data analysts and engineers have the tools, techniques and experience to carefully export, transform, clean and load your data from your Frankenstein apps in days (and sometimes hours). Our advice is free, just get in touch via our contact page.

Try it for free now

Take us for a test drive right now, we’ll be with you all of the way to answer your questions and help you quickly decide if our app is for you.