Your top three ecommerce accounting issues?

There are literally hundreds of different types of shopping carts and no doubt everyone who operates one needs and efficient method to keep their e-commerce and accounting in step. I’ve been studying the problems and the solutions and there’s a lot of debate right now amongst our team and customers about ecommerce accounting issues.

Dozens of folk have been kind enough to take the time to walk me through their ecommerce accounting problems and ‘ideal’ solution and in the ocean of opinions one of the recurring questions has been “exactly what are the top three problems?”

Having participated in some of the debates I thought it might be a good idea to get the whole debate out in the open on this blog so as everyone can read the opinions and participate.

Join the debate and learn how to get more traffic

Ecommerce accounting aside for a moment, we all want more visitors and buyers to our shopping carts and web sites and no doubt you’ve searched the Internet for the ‘best’ methods. There is a lot of misleading and indeed false information out there. I’ve got a 256Gb hardrive full of stuff I have collected over the past five years about SEO and Internet Marketing and I’ve discovered just a handful of methods that work really, really well.

The Bonus – the best ways to get more visitors to your site

So I’m going to share this with the folks who leave the best comments. All you have to do is join the debate and give your view of the top three ecommerce accounting issues and if your comment shines then I will send you the link to the tried and tested content that’s taught us how to get a steady stream of buyers to our site.

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