Easy to use

As easy to use as a pencil

Isaac O’Bannon, editor of the leading US accounting technology magazine, CPA Practise Advisor, wrote “your system quickly feels very comfortable” and Cesar Andrade a veteran NetSuite consultant said “It took me under five minutes to work out what this system does and what it can do for me”.

Fast navigation and bookmarking

Our web based ERP is really easy to learn and use. The ‘explorer’ like navigation gives you fast access to list or ‘Document’ in your system and you can bookmark ‘Documents’ to help you remember, organize and rapidly switch between tasks.

Obvious menus

Every ‘Document’ screen in our web based ERP has it’s own specific ‘Actions’ menu, which eliminates any confusion and makes it incredibly easy for you to quickly discover and decide which ‘Action’ you can take to complete a task.

360° detailed view of each customer

Unlike most CRM and Accounting systems our web based ERP gives you a complete and detailed picture of every activity and financial transaction with each of your customers. You won’t get this from any integration of a third party accounting and CRM system such as Quickbooks and Salesforce.com.

Drill down from summary balance to transaction

Our web based ERP reporting has customizable reports allowing you to drill down on every balance and view single transactions. The combination of drill down and Explorer bookmarking gives you a unique tool for discovering, analyzing and taking action on accounting and business performance tasks.

User customization

In ‘Admin’ mode, you can easily configure and customize our web based ERP system to fit the needs of your business. You don’t need any special software skills and we make it easy for you to add new fields, tabs etc, so you can capture and recall data specific to the needs of everyone in your business.

Customizable printed documents

Our web based ERP software gives you complete control over the look and feel, and content of your documents. You can add and subtract fields and tailor your document to reflect the look and feel of your business.