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Automatically detect and take action on events...

…such as changes to document status or balances reaching preset thresholds. For example: receipt of pending orders from your shopping cart, stock running low, customer balances reaching a credit limit or order profit margins falling below a preset limit.


Trigger the creation of new documents based upon events.

For example: create and send purchase order to a supplier when stock limit falls below a threshold, automatically create invoices or cash sales from shipped orders.


‘Daisy chain’ sequences of tasks.

For example: if enough stock is available process all pending orders, create shipments and send shipping vendor requests.


Batch process actions or sequences

For example: check stock levels and create and send back orders to respective suppliers, or automatically make payments to vendors when stock is ordered or received.


Error free consistency

Workflow automation means you can get a lot of things done quickly and accurately without having to worry about checking each task has been done to meet your standards.

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