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We call our b2b ecommerce solution the Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP). It’s built into our platform. It will help you delight customers, outgun competitors, sell more, and continuously reduce the time, effort, and cost it takes to do it.

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Native b2b ecommerce software - need to know


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Beta version October 2020

Native b2b ecommerce software - no integration

Our b2b ecommerce solution is part of your cloud based ERP system for wholesalers, meaning it’s native and does not need any integration whatsoever.

“Any integration with 3rd party b2b ecommerce solution means unnecessary ongoing expense, and will definitely present operational and competitive impediments”

Our Trade Acceleration Portals (TAPs) are part of the Salesorder core software architecture.

Multiple personalized customer experiences

Our b2b ecommerce solution can help you quickly build and continuously improve and perfect each customer’s experience.

Because our Trade Acceleration Portals (TAPs) are part of the Salesorder core software architecture they are fully customizable. This means you can extend the core functionality or change the look and feel.

You can create and deploy as many different TAPs as you need to serve customers individually, or as a segment. There is no additional operating cost

Our b2b ecommerce solution is part of our order management software for wholesalers and therefore gives you controlled and real time access to all the data you store.

Because of this your Trade Acceleration Portals can always provide customers with the up to date information they need.

Help your sales agents to sell more

Like additional sales agents, there is no charge for additional TAPS. The costs of our cloud based ERP system follow your revenue. So you can deploy as many TAPs in as many ways as you need. Hold that thought for a moment.

Make your sales agent’s life easier, give them more time for selling. If you have a network of sales agents, you could offer them TAPs specific to them. The agent’s end customers would be presented with the agent’s branded TAP, with the agent’s pricing.

This would eliminate order entry and the paperwork for both of you. You’d simply pay the commission.

Connect email and automate notifications

In our order management software, you can:

  • Connect all of your mailboxes
  • Send and receive email and attachments.
  • Automate notifications.
  • Use templates to standardize communications.
  • Automatically filter email by customer, by contact.

Real time stock visibility for b2b customers

In our order management software for wholesalers, at order entry or from the Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP) view real-time stock availability, location, back-order status, and ETA.

Automate approvals and credit control

In our order management software for wholesalers, you can set user permissions for order approval and credit control. Preset credit limit. Record approvals in the built-in document history/audit trail. Configure credit control to automatically trigger activation of ‘customer on hold’, and transaction rules from aging debt or exceeding their credit limit.

Automate stock allocation

If you have enough stock or perfected optimization of your inventory (we can help), you can configure approved orders to automatically allocate stock and progress the order to pick, pack, and shipping. Alternatively, you can partially allocate or manually edit allocation.

Automate back order generation

Built-in automation of the purchase order generation process can detect stock shortfalls on sales orders, calculate the back order requirement (including preferred supplier minimum order quantities), create the relevant purchase orders, and link the sales orders to the respective purchase orders.

Track order journeys

Optimize picking and packing workflows, with or without the warehouse management system (WMS). Sort and merge shipments by priority, customer, or carrier, etc. Pick by sku or order. Use the WMS and barcode readers to organize pick routes and track packaging.

Track shipping

Connect to over 120 carriers, review, and preset methods. Review and analyze live rates. Send instructions to retrieve and print shipping labels.

Present invoices

Detect and sort partially or completely shipped orders to automatically bulk create and email invoices in the right style and format to the right billing contact.

Capture payments

Connect to card and ACH payment processors and gateways to automatically or manually authorize and capture payments.

How to be like Amazon (and beat them)

I’ve never spoken to an Amazon sales person. Whilst it’s not b2b ecommerce software, their b2c order management software does all of the work normally done by a sales team. 

Drive out inefficiencies of inbound sales

Our Trade Acceleration Portal is customizable b2b ecommerce software. It can be configured and customized to do most of the mechanical tasks normally done by your sales team. 

For example, presenting a quote, capturing an order, providing the right product and order status information, and just about any inbound sales task you can think of.

Because the Trade Acceleration Portal is part of our order management system , the ‘front end’ online store is connected to and supported by all of the fulfillment and accounting features.

This end to end, joined up system not only streamlines the order to cash process, it gets everyone involved in this process including the customer on the same page.

Because both our order management software for wholesalers, and our b2b ecommerce software was designed to be automated, you can eliminate many of the manual processes.

Drive up operating margins

Jeff Bezos is quoted as saying “Your margin is Amazon’s opportunity”. 

Recurring business from your existing customers probably generates most of your revenues. Recurring business from existing customers is a good place to begin implementing your b2b ecommerce strategy. 

Getting your customers off doing business by phone and email, and serving themselves via our Trade Acceleration Portal can lead to higher sales margins.

Beat Amazon and others

More margin means more room for price optimization, and opportunities to beat aggressors like Amazon. 

Order management software = smart business

best order management software for b2b

It’s not so obvious at the time of purchase deploying software from multiple vendors will definitely become a roadblock to your growth.

Growth is data-driven. You need one source of the truth to measure and track what you need to know. You can’t easily get this from multiple databases. It’s hard and confusing work nobody wants to do, not to mention the hours of the valuable time it wastes every day.

Salesorder.com order management software for wholesalers is one system, in one database. No data duplication, just one application, we call this joined-up thinking. It maintains one source of the truth, gets everyone on the same page and makes your business smarter.