Benefits of cloud ERP with features specifically designed for wholesalers

One cloud based ERP system, 167 features and benefits to make your business go and grow faster

List of features:

Work anywhere, anytime, safely

The obvious benefits of cloud based ERP are:

  • With the exception of warehouse pickers, your entire team can work from anywhere at any time.
  • Your operations are safeguarded from adverse situations i.e. pandemics
  • You can reduce your fixed costs i.e. office space.
  • Your teams can be more productive for longer i.e. no commute.
  • Your entire operation can be and stay on the same page. 

Adaptable cloud based ERP for wholesalers

Unlike other cloud-based ERP vendors systems, our software is specifically designed for wholesalers, distributors, and light manufacturers. There are no add on modules, and no irrelevant features.

However this doesn’t mean constrained flexibility. Our cloud ERP software is an order management solution designed from the ground up to be customizable. Out of the box, it can adapt to just about any business model wholesaling, distributing, or selling physical goods. 

Unlike other cloud based ERP systems we have avoided incorporating features into our order management software that wholesale and distribution businesses don’t need but other cloud ERP vendors force you to pay for.

Benefits of cloud based ERP for b2b ecommerce

The advantages of our cloud ERP b2b ecommerce software for your sales operations are:

  • your sales people have more time, 
  • or you need less sales people. 

Our built in b2b ecommerce solution reduces your sales workload because customers can serve themselves 24/7. Your customers can:

  • Access reliable, real-time product information.
  • Place new and repeat orders.
  • Track order journey and status.
  • Review invoices and outstanding balances.
  • Make payments.
  • Review purchase history.
  • Review statements.
  • Request and approve quotes

Our b2b commerce solution lets you to create a superior customer experience because our cloud based ERP solution enables you to: 

  • Deploy multiple customer self-service portals.
  • Customize and extend functionality.
  • Personalize pricing, styling, and services.
  • Track customer journeys.

Benefits of cloud based ERP for b2c ecommerce

Benefits of our cloud based ERP software to b2c ecommerce order management are:

For your accounting teams, the benefits of cloud ERP by are a significant reduction in complexity and wasted effort. Our joined up, cloud based ERP system reduces the time and effort required to:

  • Create the corresponding sales receipts in your general ledger. This entire task for all orders can be performed in just a couple of clicks.
  • Transition authorized transactions to payment capture when the order ships. This workflow can be automated or performed with just a couple of clicks.

For your back-office and customer service teams, the benefits of our cloud based ERP integrated with your shopping carts are:

  • Automated updates to stock levels (based upon cart functionality)
  • Automatically populate shipping vendor tracking numbers back into Sales Orders. 
  • Automatically send notifications to customers about order status or shipment tracking information

b2c ecommerce shopping cart connectivity

Our order management software automatically imports orders for fulfillment from the following shopping carts:

  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Big Commerce
  • Amazon Seller
  • Amazon FBA
  • Prestashop
  • Magento 2

Sending data and signals back to shopping carts

Based upon the cart type we can send back the requisite data or signals to the cart to change order status, i.e. when the order has been shipped. We can add additional cart dialogue functions as required.


Adding other vendor shopping carts


One of the key benefits of our cloud based ERP system is the built in shopping cart ‘highway’. This highway is the foundation for cart connectivity. It provides all of the necessary infrastructure to communicate with any make and type of shopping cart.


CRM: view all interactions and transactions

The benefits of cloud ERP software with built CRM are your salespeople can capture and review the detail about every transaction and interaction, without having to refer to another system. 

Salespeople can:

  • Store detailed customer profiles.
  • Track all transactions i.e. quotes, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Track customer balance, credit limits, terms, tax.
  • Track all interactions i.e. notes, tasks, events.
  • Send and receive email.
  • Create email templates.
  • Store contacts, shipping, and billing addresses.
  • Assign owners to customers.

In terms of productivity, the benefits of our cloud ERP for sales teams are:

  • Fast and easy to learn and use.
  • All information on one screen.
  • Screens can be customized to store additional information.
  • Repetitive tasks can be automated. 

Order capture: multichannel automation

The benefits of cloud ERP to your order capture process are the elimination of user errors. Speed and accuracy of order capture are increased because:

  • Check stock and backorder visibility in real-time.
  • ‘Instant’ lookup for SKUs and line Items.
  • Automatically check credit thresholds or take card/ACH payments.
  • Auto inherit customer profile data i.e. pricing, terms.
  • Automate freight terms i.e. prepaid/free shipping
  • Drill down on line Item (SKU) detailed information.
  • Import orders from .xlsx files.
  • Attach and link related files.
  • Auto/bulk email orders or direct customers to the trade acceleration portal.

You can capture orders across multiple types of online channels:

  • Deploy multiple customer self-service b2b ecommerce solutions.
  • Connect and import orders from shopping carts.
  • Connect to EDI, X12, FTP solutions.

Order fulfillment: automate and streamline

Our cloud ERP solution will streamline your order management. The benefits of cloud ERP for your order to cash process are that with automation, or just a couple of clicks users can:

  • Fulfill drop ship/just in time orders to purchase orders.
  • Auto check stock availability across multiple sites.
  • Automate bulk allocation of stock to orders.
  • Auto-generate back / replenishment orders.
  • Create multiple shipments, vary shipping methods.
  • Drive the entire SKU journey by barcode scanner in WMS.
  • Customize and automate pick, pack processes.
  • Automate shipping vendor interactions.
  • Automate customer notifications.

Automate the shipment to invoice process to:

  • Bulk create Invoices for partial/fully shipped orders.
  • Bulk email Invoices to billing contacts.
  • Present invoices via portal or EDI.

Warehouse management

The benefits of our cloud ERP solution for your warehouse operations are you can track every SKU individually, and optimize every SKU journey.

  • Part of one system and database
  • Customize everything.
  • Quick and easy to setup.
  • Track all types of inventory at the individual SKU level.
  • Configure every location to model its purpose.
  • Configure workflows to optimize warehouse tasks.
  • Fully integrated shipping for +105 vendors.
  • Android barcode application.
  • Model and manage multiple warehouses.
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Configure roles and permissions.

One truth about every SKU, wherever it is:

  • Manage the entire ‘physical’ model and detail your stock across multiple owned, 3PL, or consignment locations.

Inventory management

The benefits of cloud ERP are you can accurately manage and optimize inventory-related tasks from wherever you choose to work. 

  • Model and track, Stock, Assemblies, and Kits.
  • Model and track, Lots and SKU’s with serial #s.
  • Track SKUs at the individual instance level.
  • Track stock across multiple locations.
  • Build and store Kits. Build and break Assembly BOMs.
  • Manage multiple preferred suppliers, MOQs, etc.
  • Set safety stock levels, and reorder thresholds.
  • Manage SKU units of measure, i.e. lbs, ozs. etc.
  • Set multi-currency unit prices and costs.
  • Store and customize Item information detail.
  • Store supplier catalogs, availability, and costs.

One truth about everything you make or sell:

  • Track every instance of every SKU and its detail, including from where and when it was purchased, stored and sold.

Supply chain management

The benefits of cloud ERP to your purchasing and supply chain operations are:

  • Automate stock replenishment tasks.
  • Automate back order tasks.
  • Link and track relationships between SKUs on Purchase Orders and Sales Orders.
  • Track Purchase Order ETAs.
  • Store and manage multiple preferred suppliers.
  • Track supplier AP balances.
  • Store detailed supplier profiles.
  • Track all transactions i.e. quotes, orders, invoices, etc.
  • Track all interactions i.e. notes, tasks, events.
  • Send and receive emails.

Optimize inventory and use of working capital:

  • Combine analysis of real time and historical data with automation to achieve inventory service level and customer satisfaction targets.

Accounting: reduce effort

The benefits of cloud ERP to your AR/AP and accounting operations are our solution can simplify, automate, and significantly reduce effort.

  • Multi-currency general ledger, detailed audit history.
  • Bulk create and send sales invoices.
  • Bulk apply customer payments.
  • Automate credit control operations.
  • Automate applying early payment discounts.
  • Automate Tax calculation and filing (USA).
  • Memorize and automate journals.
  • Versatile period close.
  • Payments and banking integrations.
  • Automate aging debtor management notifications.
  • Bulk preset payment terms and credit limits.
Real time visibility and analysis:
  • Export everything to Excel.
  • Multiple reporting tools. Native, Jaspersoft studio, Tableau, Power BI, OLAP (Q3 2020) or ‘bring your own’.

Reporting, Analytics, BI

One database means joined-up order to cash reports:

  • Real-time.
  • Easy to use and customize native reporting toolkit.
  • Simple dashboards.
  • Customized reports service – we design and deploy.
  • Export every list and report to Excel.
  • ODBC access – bring your own tools.
  • Pipeline data to your data warehouse.

Industry-leading business intelligence tools:

  • Power BI (Microsoft)
  • Tableau (Salesforce) – Q4 2020.
  • OLAP – Q4 2020.

History and audit trail

A complete and detailed history of everything:

  • Email: connect all business mailboxes. Send and receive email from sales and purchasing documents, and customer and supplier masters. Email is siloed by customer from each mailbox.
  • Bookmark: every transaction to memorize where you are, where you’ve been, and what’s important.
  • Memos: pin tasks, reminders, to-dos, events, and links onto every transaction. Create, assign tasks, track their status and progress. Keep a living history of who did what when.
  • Notes: Add notes to every transaction.
  • Attachments and links: Attach or link files to every transaction and customer and supplier master.

Detailed audit trail of every transaction:

    • the order management software for wholesalers memorizes every user change on every transaction.


Continuously adapt, improve and automate:

  • DIY add custom fields and tabs: store additional data in multiple field types. New fields appear in lists and reports. Wire field inheritance between documents.
  • Plugins: Extend any function, or add new functions rapidly and at low cost. Add automation to every task.
    Configurations: easy to understand and use settings for every function in the app on a single screen.
  • Roles: create access and permission profiles for every type of user to control who can see and do what where.
  • Print Templates: Make printed documents look exactly as you need. Configure column views on tables, on every document.

Quickly and cost-effectively adapt your system:

  • A simple to adapt, but consistently evolving and future proof architecture.

Reliability | Performance

Robust, secure, and elastic:

  • Mission-critical architecture: no single point of failure on any hardware or software component. Automated fail-safe recovery systems.
  • Double backups: All stored data is consistently backed up at hardware and software levels.
  • Tri-level access security: Encryption, and double-layer login security. Every connection monitored by active threat detection.
  • Automated testing and roll-back: Rigorous and extensive regression testing by dedicated QA team and Selenium. Continuous integration to enable rapid restores.
  • Elastic infrastructure: automated dynamic allocation of resources to ensure consistent performance.

Customizable server platform:

  • We can configure server architectures to comply with your corporate privacy and data security requirements.

Ease of use

Gentle but rapid learning curve:

  • Short sharp video training.
  • Where necessary customized training with a dedicated instructor.
  • Contextual help.
  • Easy to read and fast to navigate, extensive documentation.
  • Simple and easy to memorize, user interface conventions.
  • Bookmark everything to reduce clicks and optimize journeys.
  • Google-like instant and preemptive search for line items.

Accelerate and simplify data entry and information retrieval:

  • Auto-population of key information: significantly reduces data entry time and eliminates common errors that waste time and frustrate stakeholders.
  • Saved searches: Users can easily create and bookmark simple and complex searches for every type of transaction and trading partner (customer or supplier) record.

Easy deployment

Affordable entry and predictable operating costs:

  • Value-based pricing – 0.39% of revenue.
  • Unlimited users – connect your entire headcount.
  • Unlimited b2b and b2c sales channel connectivity.
  • No cap on transactions or storage.

Approachable and easy to comprehend setup instructions:

  • Step by step roadmaps.
  • Low-density settings and configuration.
  • Short tutorial videos.
  • Easy to navigate documentation.
  • Dedicated implementation specialist.
  • Straightforward data migration options.