Create a Customer and prepare a Sales Quote


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Below we’ve included some key points we hope will help you quickly understand and master this workflow. For more detailed information, at the foot of this page there are links to articles in the Help Portal. If you can’t find the answer, or your stuck then please email


Using Multi-Currency? Make sure you set the right currency on the Customer master. You can’t change the currency on a Customer after you’ve saved the record.

Main Contact: make sure you set, address, and email. This will be the default billing and shipping address. If you want to add alternative addresses, then save the record and use ‘Actions’ Add new billing/shipping address.

Sales Quote: Who are you sending it to?

You can add new Contacts on the Customer master using the Action ‘New Contact’. When you create a Sales Quote, it will inherit the default Contact. You can set the default contact on the Contact record. You can change the Contact on the Sales Quote by searching from the Contact field.

Sales Quote: Apply Discounts. You have three options:

Discount columns: This is an ‘inline’ discount on a specific line item. You can enter the discount amount as a percentage or a number e.g. 10% or 10. In both cases, you can use decimal places e.g. 10.33% or 10.33. The system will deduct the discount as a percentage of the Unit Price, or subtract the number from the Unit Price. The calculated discount will not be posted to a ‘discount’ account in the general ledger.

Discount Item: You can create ‘Discount Items’ in Products/Services>Items. The Discount Item can be preset to a percentage. When you set up an Item you can specify to which general ledger account the discount is posted. You can then add the Discount Item beneath the line Item to which you want to apply the discount. If you need to Discount a group of preceding Items, add a Sub-Total. You can ‘Find’ and ‘Apply’ a Sub-Total Item in the same way you would add a line item.

Price List: You can create and apply a Price List on a Sales Order. The Price List automatically calculates the Discount on every line item you add to the Sales Order. The resulting discount does not post to the general ledger.

Sales Quote: View Margin Plugin

Depending upon how you motivate and measure your sales team we can provide a plugin to display gross margin based upon the difference between Unit Cost and Unit Price. Because the plugin is adaptable, we can vary the basis of the calculation to suit your requirements. Please email us: if you would like to try the plugin or have specific requirements. 

Sales Quote: Control what columns are displayed on the line item table

You can control what field and columns are displayed. You can create multiple templates, these can be selected from a dropdown list on the Sales Quote.

Sales Quote: Print template (PDF)

You can style Print templates to present your company and the information you want your prospect or customer to see on Sales Quote.

Sales Quote: Email template

Creating an email template you can use to send a Sales Quote to customers will not only save you time but ensure you consistently present your customers with all of the information they need to know to make a decision. You can set up specific email templates from which users can select a specific message to which they can attach the Sales Order.

Sales Quote: Sending a Sales Quote by Email

Because you can connect your business email accounts to our cloud ERP, you can send, exchange, and track emails from the Sales Quote document screen, and from the respective Customer master.

Sales Order: Copy a Sales Quote

There is an Action on Sales Quote to ‘Create’ Copy.


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