CRM for wholesale distributors. Get more value from your customers and lock out competition

We’ll help you build a remarkable and sustainable customer experience, so you can delight and sell them more.

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Multichannel CRM for wholesale distribution

Our order and inventory management software includes CRM for wholesale distributors to help you deliver reliable information to customers and salespeople. This will reduce mistakes that cost time and money.

Our platform can unify and efficiently manage inbound sales from these channels:

  • phone calls
  • email
  • eCommerce b2b or b2c
  • file transfer or import
  • EDI
  • API

CRM for wholesale distribution demo


360 CRM for wholesaler and distributors

The Customer ‘master’ screen gives you one unified view of every interaction and transaction including:

  • CRM information: email conversations across your company mailboxes, contact details, notes, reminders, tasks, events, price list settings, and account owner. You can extend the scope of this data i.e. sales territory.
  • Full transaction history: Opportunities, Quotes, Orders, Shipments, Invoices, Credit Notes, Payments, Cash Sales, and Refunds.
  • Fulfillment information: billing and shipping addresses, shipping methods, preferred warehouse.
  • Accounting presets and real-time data: Tax status, payment terms, currency, credit limit and status, and outstanding balance.

We know connecting your sales channels and a single view of every customer will give you one truth, simplify your processes, and significantly increase your productivity…

…however, we believe this is no longer enough, you have to get closer to your customers.

Fact: Your customers don't care about you

…they care about their experience and getting what they want when they want it.

They want the easiest way to get the best deal, or solution to their problem as fast as is possible.

To outrun your competition, you have to think like Amazon, start at your customer’s experience, and work backwards.

Product availability gets you on the shortlist, the best price gets you close to winning the deal, but in most cases offering your customer a remarkable and superior experience will get you the deal.

If your customer’s experience is remarkable, you will sell more because they will come back and tell others.

Customizable CRM for wholesale distributors

To create the best possible customer experience, you need to engage in two activities:

  • Listen to customers and everyone involved in the sales, fulfillment, and accounting process to discover issues and opportunities.
  • Continuously take action and quickly eliminate issues and implement opportunities to refine workflows.

You cannot continuously improve if your systems are off the shelf or inflexible. And you need the right talent to translate changes into software. You need a customizable CRM. 

Our CRM for wholesale distributors is part of our customizable cloud ERP solution. There are two levels of customization:

  • DIY customization: You can add new tabs, sections, and fields to store data. This date appears in list searches, and in reports.
  • Plugin Customization: We can quickly design and deliver a plugin script, which adds new functionality that automates or extends functionality. 

Our order management software for wholesalers and talents will give you superpowers to quickly and economically make continuous improvements to your customer’s experience.

How to get personal with your customer and lock out your competitors

Think about your personal behavior, when you want a product, a solution to a problem, information, or an answer to a question you turn to the search engine or web pages you trust.

You go to these web pages time and time again because you trust and have a ‘go-to relationship’ with the pages and their owners.

We can help you to build a ‘go-to relationship’ between your web pages and every one of your customers.

We’ll show you how to radically cut your cost of sale, and

  • How to think differently about automating serving and selling.
  • The tools, methods, and possibilities.
  • How to engage your team and customers to transform your customer’s experience.
Our Trade Acceleration Portal will help you better understand and get closer to your customers.

b2b ecommerce solution for wholesalers

Our order and inventory management software includes a built in  Trade Acceleration Portal delivers a 24×7, personalized and secure, self-service experience to your customers.

At a basic level, the Trade Acceleration Portal (TAP) lets your customers log in to your order management system to browse, order, and pay for your products.

You can customize and personalize the b2b ecommerce solution for groups or individual customers. You deploy as many ‘TAPS as you need.

You can augment the features in Salesorder and present them in the TAP.

For example simple features like providing customer statements, product datasheets, and videos. Or sophisticated features like inventory views, quote builders, promotions, bots, or anything you can think of.

One truth CRM for wholesale distributors

CRM for wholesale distributors - cloud ERP

It’s not so obvious at the time of purchase deploying software from multiple vendors will definitely become a roadblock to your growth.

Growth is data-driven. You need one source of the truth to measure and track what you need to know. You can’t easily get this from multiple databases. It’s hard and confusing work nobody wants to do, not to mention the hours of the valuable time it wastes every day. is unified end to end order management software for wholesalers, in one database. No data duplication, just one application, we call this joined-up thinking. It maintains one source of the truth, gets everyone on the same page and makes your business smarter.