Built to adapt and scale for Distributors, Wholesalers and Ecommerce businesses

Exactly tailor your system to fit your business and budget now and forever

Customize to fit your needs and budget

Our app is built from the ground up to be extended and customized so it will always be able to adapt to your needs as you flex and grow. We give you simple ‘Point and Click’ tools which enable you to plug in additional features or modify printed documents, reports, the user interface and workflows.

Point, click and assign custom roles to your users

Our app is multi-user so you’ll no doubt want to give access to folks with different roles doing different things. You can easily configure ‘Roles’ which securely control which folks have access to what features. And even if they have access to a feature you can control whether they can view, edit or even delete data.

Point click, add new fields, import custom data

With administrator privileges and just a few clicks you can adapt ‘Document’ screens and add new fields, tabs and sections to the user interface so you can record, store and track data and information unique to your business. You can adapt our import templates to populate your new fields with data from you old system or spreadsheets.

Point and click workflow inheritance

You can configure ‘Document’ fields to inherit values from preceding ‘Documents’. For example when you create a sales order from a sales quote, a field on the sales order can be specified to inherit a value from a field on the sales quote i.e. special delivery.

Point and click printed document customization

To match your brand and trading style, you can customize every printed document to replicate or improve on the structure and format of your existing ‘paper work’. You can create as many templates as you need and if you have multiple brands switch logos using our branding plugin. And if you have really complex documents with terms and conditions, specifications and images, we’ve got you covered.

Point and click customized reports

Every report is customizable by you. You can specify date ranges, which columns appear, and choose from an extensive range of filters to precisely focus and report on the information you need. And you can give the report a unique name and ‘book mark’ it in your memorized report list, so you can use it time and time again.

Plugin Store – point, click, add the features you need

Other apps have features you don’t need, so they’re more complex and cost more. Add ons are often expensive and need experts to deploy. We don’t think that’s fair. With just a few clicks you can add more features from our Plugin store to make your system do more at a price you can easily afford.

Custom reports service – any report imaginable

Inside our app you’ll find a rich set of the customizable reports you need to follow and read the numbers. However if there’s a report you need which isn’t in the app, then we can write it for you in any format or structure at a cost you can afford.

Custom Dashboards service – any Dashboard imaginable

Built into your app is a plug and play dashboard tool to allow everyone to focus on and highlight their key numbers. Your team can easily configure each dashlet to display statistics where and when they need them. However if there’s a dashboard you need which isn’t in the app, then we can write it for you in any format or structure at a cost you can afford.

Custom Plugins service – any Plugin feature imaginable

Our app was built from the ground up to be customized, so adding a new feature is fast and easy. If you can’t find or add from the Plugin store a feature you need, then we’re here and ready to write it for you at a cost that won’t break the bank.

“Milly was straight talking, thorough and super helpful” Rachel Moir, PM, Cafe Campesino