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General Journal Fields

Top Block Fields:

Ref #

A reference number auto-assigned. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).

A/C Memo

See Working with A/C Memo.


The Status of the Journal Entry. See Transaction Document Fields.


The effective date of the Journal Entry postings.


Usually the person – Worker who created the Payment Document. This can be changed to another worker.

Currency of values

The currency of the values entered into the Credit/Debit columns. Once set, the currency cannot be changed and transactions will only be in the selected currency. See Working with Currencies.

Exchange Rate

The Currency Exchange Rate. If base currency, this field will be 1.00 and non-editable. Otherwise the field can be set to the appropriate exchange rate. For more information see Working with Currencies.

Account Entries tab

Account Column

Use the Search functionality to select the Account against which the entry must be done.


The type of account will be auto-populated with the type of the account, depending on the Account selected.


The currency of the selected account.


Add account memos in this text field for each entry to describe the adjustment.


Select the appropriate class from the dropdown.


Where the adjustment amounts must be entered.

Information tab

This tab allows you to enter general information about the General Journal Entry.

Classification tab

Classification facilitates greater organisational options.
For example, classifying leads according to country or region.
See Working with Classifications.