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Entering Purchases Directly

To enter multiple purchases easily, you can enter Purchases directly on the Associated Bank Account.

As long as the purchases comes from the same Bank, Credit Card or Petty Cash Account, you can use this document.

When to use it

If you do not want to set up a Supplier Document and associated Cash Purchase Document for each individual purchase, this method can be used.


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Entering Line Items
Working with Transactional Documents

How to create a new Purchases Document

  1. From the Explorer find the Bank Account, Credit Card Account or Petty Cash Account you used to make the purchases.
  2. Click ‘View‘ on the required Account to display the Account in the Work Area.
  3. From the ‘Actions‘ drop-down menu click ‘Enter Purchases‘.
  4. A ‘New Purchases’ document is displayed (as shown below).

Entering Purchases from a Bank Account

Entering Purchases from a Bank Account

5. It is similar to a normal Cash Purchase but with no explicit Supplier.
6. Enter the supplier name on each Line Item (in the above example APX Ltd, Direct Line etc).
7. Assign an Expense to each purchase.

All purchases entered need to have been made from the same Bank Account or Credit Card.

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