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Working with Checks

Some businesses still use Checks (or ‘Cheques’ if you are in the UK) as a method of payment. facilitates the creation and subsequent printing of checks. You can keep a record of exactly which checks have been issued and saves you time in physically writing the checks.

Printing checks are done by writing your checks to a PDF file. The file is then printed in conjunction with your check blanks. A record is kept of which checks have been printed, and which are due to be printed.

Printing your checks can be done either on a per check basis or alternatively as a ‘batch’. Multiple checks can be printed from the associated Bank Account in a single PDF document.

A check can be created virtually anywhere that a cash payment is made. For example, payment to a Supplier, a Cash Purchase, a Customer Refund etc.

How to List Checks

  1. From the Banking folder in the Explorer, select Checks.
  2. Either select ‘List all Checks’ or use the Search Options.
  3. From this list, you can see which Checks have been printed, and which Checks are due to be printed.

How to Print Checks

Checks can be printed from 3 places.

  1. From the Check itself by clicking the ‘Print‘ action.
  2. From a Bank Account by clicking the ‘Print Checks‘ actions.
  3. From the Checks list under the Banking folder on the Explorer, by clicking the ‘Print‘ action.

For more information about printing Checks see Printing Checks.

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