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Working with Workers Overview

  1. This is where you store all the details about each individual in your workforce, whether they use the system or not.
  2. Every Worker who uses this system must have their own login.
  3. Here you set up access for those who must use the system, and also determine their access levels.

The Master Administrator

  • This is a person with full administrator privileges.
  • The Master Administrator will set up other Workers, assign passwords, do admin tasks and be the primary contact between your company and
  • There can only be one Master Admin, however, any Worker can be assigned as the Master Administrator.
  • There are some actions such as a system reset, that can only be done by the Master Admin.

Logins and User Licenses

  • While adding staff, you can determine who should be able to log in, by ticking the ‘Enable Login’ box on the Login Details tab.
  • In the same manner, you can give access to your accountant, bookkeeper or and other trusted parties to the system by adding them to the system as a User – See Worker Fields.
  • The number of logins you can have depends on the number of User Licenses you have purchased. If you try to create too many logins a warning message will show indicating that more licenses are required.
  • To add new licenses, see Working with your account.

Customizing Worker functionality with Roles

  • You can restrict the access a worker has by assigning suitable roles.
  • Roles customize the User Interface and assign specific functionality to specific Workers.
  • The roles must be first configured during the Setup process.
  • For more information see Working with Roles.
  • Similarly, you can restrict the data a user can create, view and edit.

Workers, Documents, and Owners

Depending on their assigned Role, Workers can create Documents in the system. Their name is automatically entered into the Owner field on the corresponding Document. If you have sufficient permissions, you can change the Owner of a Document at any time.

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