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Add a Worker

How to add a new Worker

To create a new Worker, from the Explorer click Company->Workers and click the green plus – a ‘Create New‘ message will pop up.

A new page will show, with 5 tabs at the top:

  • Contact
  • Profile
  • Notes
  • Login Details
  • Account

These are explained in detail in Worker Fields.

Worker Key Facts to Keep in Mind:

  • The Worker # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Worker. It is best to leave this on Auto. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • Fields in Red must be completed, such as the Worker’s First Name.
  • The fields Office, Department, and Team are useful and can be used as filters when generating Reports.
  • By default, a Worker does not have a login enabled. To enable a login, click the login tab, tick the box ‘enable login‘ and enter the login details.
  • On the account tab, you can set the Worker currency. Once the currency is set it cannot be changed. All transactions for this Worker will always be expressed in this selected currency.

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