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Customise Worker

When adding a worker, you can also customise fields.
Once you have clicked the green plus – a ‘Create New‘ message will pop up.
Here you will see five tabs:

  • Contact
  • Profile
  • Notes
  • Login Details
  • Account

See ‘Add a Worker‘ and ‘Worker fields‘ for more information.

Above these tabs the following:

  • Save
  • Save and New
  • Customise Fields
  • Help

Once you select Customise Fields, the same tabs as mentioned above will show, but in addition, you will now see four more options:

  • Edit Fields
  • Edit Sections
  • Edit Tabs
  • Help

You have the ability to add Fields, Sections, and Tabs plus additional fields underneath any of those options.

This article will explain it in detail: Customisation

Deleting Custom Fields

Custom Fields that you have added can, of course, be subsequently deleted. To do this simply select the Field in the usual way and click ‘Delete‘ from the ‘Edit Fields‘ drop-down list.


If you delete a Custom Field that has previously been populated with data, the associated data will be permanently lost on deletion.

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