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Working with Expense Claims

The Expense Claim Document allows staff to enter their expenses.

You no longer need a paper ‘Expense Form’ as all the underlying accounting for these expenses are now done automatically.

You can associate an expense with a specific job, by using the Expense Claim Line Item.


Entering Line Items
Working with Transactional Documents

How to create a new Expense Claim Document.

There are 2 ways:

  1. From the Explorer, click Expenses/TimesheetsExpense Claims, then click the greenCreate Newplus  in the Action bar.
  2. On behalf of another worker, as that Worker’s Expense Claim. From the Explorer, click CompanyWorkers. Locate the specific Worker from the Worker List. From the Actions drop-down click ‘New Expense Claim‘. (See below)


New Expense Claim from Worker

Expense Claim Key Facts

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