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Expense Claim Fields

Top Block Fields:

Worker #

The unique id assigned to this Worker.


This is the Worker that owns the Expense Claim. Usually the Worker who created the Document, but the Owner can be changed at any time. This dropdown field will list the current Workers with login permission.


Current state of the Expense’s approval – either approved, not approved, submitted or rejected. See Submitting and Approving Expense Claims.


The date the expense claim was submitted. It can be changed.

Ref #

A reference number auto-assigned. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).


The Status of the Expense Claim. See Transaction Document Fields.

Authorised by

The person who authorised the expense claim. See Submitting and Approving Expense Claims.


See Working with Document Templates.


See Working with Currencies.

Exchange Rate

The Currency Exchange Rate. For more information see Working with Currencies.

Due Date

By when the expense must be paid.

A/C Memo

See Working with A/C Memo.

Tax Code

See Working with Tax Codes.

Bottom Block – Tab one: Expenses

The Expense Claim Line Item Table:


Column 2 – Date

Column 3 – Expense. Click on ‘Find’ to open a window of allowed Expenses from which to select.

Column 4 – Job. Click on ‘Find‘ to open a window of Jobs and Customer/Suppliers to select from.

Column 5 – Description. Enter a description of the expense.

Column 6 – N/A if there is only one site for this job/customer/supplier.

Column 7 – Unit Cost – Cost per unit

Column 8 – Quantity – Nr of units

Column 9 – Amount – Will auto-complete

Column 10 – Tax – Choose the applicable tax from the dropdown

Column 11 – Tax Rate – Will auto-complete

Column 12 – Tax Amount – Will auto-complete

Column 13 – Total – Will auto-complete

At the top of the Expense Claim Line Item Table, are buttons to allow you to move/delete rows and add more rows.

Bottom Block – Tab two: Notes

Add any additional notes as required.