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Submitting and Approving Expense Claims

Expense Claims must be submitted for approval before being paid. A simple approval mechanism makes this easy.

Only certain Roles can approve expense claims.

How to set up Roles to approve expense claims

  1. From the Explorer navigate to Setup -> Roles.
  2. Select the specific Role which should have this permission.
  3. View that Role, and scroll down on the next window which opens.
  4. On the tab Permissions, underneath Ownership Permissions is Approval Permissions (below).
  5. Select/deselect the checkbox next to Expenses.


Expense Claim Approval


Expense Claims are only committed to the accounts when they have been approved.

If you are in a role to approve Expense Claims, your own Expense Claims will be automatically approved.

Before saving the new or edited Expense Claim, set the Approval Status as shown below. In the example the Claim will be ‘Submitted’ for approval when the Document is saved.


Expense Claim Submitted for Approval


An Approved Expense Claim’s status cannot be changed.

How to Approve Submitted Expense Claims

  1. From the Explorer, navigate to Expenses -> Expense Claims.
  2. Either choose:
    • List all Expense Claims’, or
    • Search for the applicable worker,
    • From the Find dropdown, choose either ‘My paid Claims / My approved Claims / My submitted Claims / Submitted claims awaiting approval’. (See below)
  3. Select the applicable line item with the Status of PENDING.
  4. View that line item by selecting view.
  5. Select ‘Edit‘.
  6. From the Approval dropdown, change the Approval Status.
  7. Select Save.


Approval of Submitted Claims


The ‘Authorised by’ field will show the approver’s name.

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