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Working with Timesheets

The electronic Timesheet Document allows staff to enter time worked on Jobs/Projects both internal and external.

You no longer need a paper ‘Timesheet Form’.

You can associate a time booked with a specific Job, by using the Timesheet Line Item table.


Entering Line Items
Working with Items
Submitting and Approving Timesheets

How to create a new Timesheet

There are two ways:

  1. For yourself: From the Explorer click Expenses/TimesheetsTimesheets, then click ‘Create New‘ in the Work Area green bar.
  2. On behalf of another Worker: Locate and view the required Worker from the Worker List. From the Actions drop-down click ‘New Timesheet‘.

The New Timesheet page is shown below:


new timesheet page


If a Timesheet has already been created for a particular week, it will be retrieved and a new one will not be created.

How to Add Line Items to a Timesheet

Individual Line Items shows what time has been booked to specific activities. These activities are typically represented as ‘Service Items‘. A simple Timesheet is shown below.

complete timesheet

Completing a timesheet

Adding Line Items to a timesheet is very similar to adding Line Items to a Transactional Document, such as an Invoice.

Here items are restricted to ‘Service Items’ with an associated hourly rate. See Entering Line Items.

Holiday and Sickness can be added directly by clicking the desired icon on the Action bar. (See below)


The ‘Job’ column allows Line Items to be associated with a specified Job. This allows profitability and job specific reporting.

Specifying ‘Availability’

The ‘Availability’ field represents the number of billable hours for this worker in a week. The default Availability is set in the associated Worker Document. This figure is used to calculate the Worker’s effective utilization for reporting purposes. For example, a Worker may work a 37.5 hour week, but only be billable for 15 hours. In this case the field value is set to 15.

Timesheet Key Facts


Hours should be entered as follows:

  • 1 = 1 hour
  • 1.50 = An hour and a half
  • 0.25 = A quarter of an hour
  • 0.75 = Three-quarters of an hour