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Timesheet Fields

Top Block Fields:

Timesheet for

The name of the Worker. This field is automatically populated with the Worker who is creating the timesheet. This field contains also links to the associated Worker Document.

Week commencing

The date of the first Sunday in the associated week.

Ref #

A reference number auto-assigned. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).

Availability (Hours)

The ‘Availability’ field represents the number of billable hours for this worker in a week. The default Availability is set in the associated Worker Document. This figure is used to calculate the Worker’s effective utilization for reporting purposes. For example, a Worker may work a 37.5 hour week, but only be billable for 15 hours. In this case the field value is set to 15.

Timesheet Template

See Working with Document Templates.


This is the Worker that owns the Timesheet. Usually the Worker who created the Document, but the Owner can be changed at any time. This dropdown field will list the current Workers with login permission.


Current state of the Timesheet’s approval. See Submitting and Approving Timesheets.

Authorised by

The person who authorised the timesheet. See Submitting and Approving Timesheets.

Bottom Block – Tab one: Weekly Activities

The Timesheet Line Item Table:

Column 1 – Nr
Column 2 – Service Item – Click ‘Find’ to open a window of approved activities from which to select.
Column 3 – Job. Click on Find to open a window of Jobs or Customers or Suppliers to select from.
Column 4 – Description. Enter a description of the time, if neccessary.
Column 6 to 12 – Hours per day.
Column 13 – Auto total of the hours for that activity.


Hours should be entered as follows:

  • 1 = 1 hour
  • 1.50 = An hour and a half
  • 0.25 = A Quarter of an hour
  • 0.75 = Three-quarters of an hour

At the top of the Timesheet Line Item Table, are buttons to allow you to move/delete rows and add more rows.

Bottom Block – Tab two: Notes

Add any additional notes as required.