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Completing Quick Setup

It is neccessary to complete the Quick Setup prior to using your system.

The following key information is needed to set up your company’s profile:

  • Company Name: Legal name under which your company operates.
  • First month in your fiscal year: The period that your company uses for accounting purposes and preparing financial statements.
  • Base currency: Main currency you use to operate your business e.g. USD. Be aware that once the Base Currency is set it cannot be modified later.
  • Preferred date format: How you want your date to appear e.g. yyyy/mm/dd or mm/dd/yyyy
  • Local time zone: The time zone within which you operate.
  • Enable automatic daylight savings: Adjust system time by 1 hour forwards or backwards automatically.


Information can be modified later from Company Info. This does however not apply to base currency.

Quick setup

Quick setup

Once Quick Setup is completed you can start using your system.

We recommend you enter dummy data to get familiar with the various features.

Once you are ready, reset the system before entering real data.

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