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Leads, Prospects and Customers

It is useful to have an understanding of this relationship between Leads, Prospects and Customers in your system.

What is a Lead

A Lead is essentially contact information (together with some notes or memos) that is used to capture potential Customers. Leads may be obtained from the web, word of mouth, advertisements etc.

Leads can be converted to Prospects or Customers.

What is a Prospect

A prospect also represents a potential Customer except it is more advanced than a lead in the sales funnel. With a Prospect Contacts can be attached and Sales Quotations issued.

It is the ideal Document to use in sales situations when there is dialogue and exchange of information with the potential Customer, but a firm order has not yet been placed.

In addition to Sales Quotations you can also create associated Sales Opportunities which will allow Prospects to be included in both Sales Forecasts and Cash Flow Forecasts.

What is a Customer

A Prospect needs to be converted to a Customer, in order to issue documents that post to Accounts, such as a Sales Invoice.

Lead —–> Prospect (send a quote) —-> Customer (Accepted quote, now issue a Sales Invoice)