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Working with Lists

All Documents such as Customer Documents, Suppliers Documents, Invoices etc. are held in Lists.

Most Document Lists operate in the same way.

The various features of lists are explained using the Customer List as an example.

The typical list page

list page

When first accessing a document, no list results are shown.
Options are shown to either click on ‘List All Customers‘ in the Action bar, or select an alphabetic character to bring up results.
Once the List results are shown the following can be done per line item:

  • Bookmark by selecting the star.
  • Popup the documents by selecting the squares.
  • Open in the Work Area by selecting the magnifying glass.
  • If the Document has attached Memos these can also be accessed by selecting the Memo icon.

The Advanced Search Tab

To refine a search among many documents, use the ‘Advanced Search Tab‘.

perform search

From the ‘Advanced Search‘ tab, fill in the fields to filter the search.
Wildcard characters ? and * can be used. (These match either a single character or multiple characters respectively.)
Once the fields are completed, select ‘Perform Search‘ to execute the advanced search.

The Extra Columns Tab

The ‘Extra Columns‘ tab allows columns to be added, by switching them on/off as required. These columns will become visible on subsequent searches.  If you want to include Extra Columns on your Advanced Search you will need to switch the appropriate columns on before completing fields and performing the search.

The Export Checkbox

Search results can be exported to Excel. To do this:

  1. First click on the checkbox export checkbox
  2. Click on the OK from the Alert warning.
  3. The subsequent search will be made available to export to Excel.
  4. The following Excel download page will be displayed.
  5. Click on ‘here’ to download the results.


How to Apply Actions to a List

  • By selecting customers from the list using the checkboxes, an action can be performed on the selected group.
  • To select the whole group, select the checkbox in the title bar (see below)
  • From the Actions drop-down menu, select the appropriate action, such as ‘Generate Statements’.

Generate statements

Custom Fields

If Custom Fields have been added to a Document, these new fields can be found from the ‘Advanced Search‘ and ‘Extra Columns‘ tabs, and included in searches. This allows you to search and display all of your custom field data as well as standard field data.