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Viewing Document Account Entries

Documents such as Sales Invoices, Bills, Credit Notes, Bank Transfers etc. affect the underlying Accounts when they are saved or edited. These Documents are referred to as Posting Documents since they post their values to the relevant Accounts.

Documents such as Sales Quotes do not affect the Accounts, and these are referred to as Non-Posting Documents.

Your system uses the standard accounting methodology of Double Entry Bookkeeping when saving Posting Documents. This ensures that the integrity of the underlying Accounts is always maintained automatically.

For any Posting Document allows you to view the associated entries made into the underlying Accounts. In Double Entry Bookkeeping terms it allows you to view the associated Debit and Credit entries (below).

How to View Debit and Credit Entries

  1. From an invoice, select the ‘Actions’ dropdown from the action bar.
  2. Select ‘Show Account Entries’.
  3. The entries associated with the invoice is then shown. (see below)

Viewing Account Entries for Posting Documents

Viewing Account Entries for Posting Documents

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