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Working with Reference Numbers (Ref#)

Many Documents have a common field called Ref# which is an abbreviation for ‘Reference Number‘.

The Reference Number is a unique identifier for the Document. For example, you cannot have two Customers or two Sales Invoices with the same Reference Number.

Reference number


For Customers and Suppliers the Reference Number typically equates to the Account Number. For Sales Invoices or Purchase Orders, it simply equates to the unique Sales Invoice or Purchase Order number.

By default the Reference Number field has the value [auto] – indicating the Number will be automatically generated.

Your own value can be entered, and auto-generation can be turned off (see below).

Once the Document has been saved the Reference Number cannot be edited.

How to configure Reference Number Auto-generation

By default Reference Numbers are auto-generated. The auto-generation facility uses a sequence number that is incremented each time a new Document is created to ensure each reference number is unique.

The starting point for the sequence can be set.

A prefix can be specified to allow your company to generate a more meaningful reference, for example:

  • A prefix of CU for Customers and sequence starting point of 1000. The auto-generated Reference Numbers would then be CU1000, CU1001, CU1002…etc.
  • A prefix of QU for quotes, SO for sales orders, etc.

Configuration is similar for all documents, we will use the Customer Document as an example:

  1. From the Explorer click SetupConfiguration.
  2. From the pane on the right, select the green ‘Customer‘.
  3. The document titled ‘View Customer Configuration’ will open.
  4. Select the tab titled Ref# Generation. (see below)

Alternatively you can click the ‘Configure’ button on the Document’s Action Bar, and this will also take you to the Configuration page.

  1. Uncheck the ‘Use Auto-generated ref#‘ checkbox to de-activate Auto-generation.
  2. Set the preferred prefix in the Ref # Prefix field.
  3. Set the starting sequence number.
  4. Click ‘Save‘.

Setting auto-numbering preferences

Setting auto-numbering preferences