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Working with Transactional Documents

Transactional Documents such as Sales Invoices, Sales Quotes, Purchase Orders, Bills etc. are all similar in the way they are created and used, even though the underlying purpose of the Documents may be quite different.

The sub-topics listed within this area of the help file describe the common tasks/data when using Transactional Documents:

Creating new Transactions

Describes the different ways to create a new Transaction Document.

Transaction Document Fields

Descriptions of commonly occurring fields that appear on Transactional Documents.

Entering Line Items

Information about entering Line Items on the Document i.e. the Items that represent your Products, Services, Expenses etc.

Entering Billing/Shipping addresses

Information about completing the Billing/Shipping tab.

Creating related Documents

Information about creating related Documents, such as a Sales Invoice from a Sales Quote, or a Credit Note from a Sales Invoice.

Entering Payment Details

How to enter payment details for payments received from Customers or paid to Suppliers.

Printing Documents

How to print Documents, and customize the format of the Documents to include your company logo etc.

Emailing Invoices and Transactional Documents

How to Email Documents to Customers and Suppliers.

Voiding and Deleting Documents

Information on Voiding and Deleting Documents.

Transaction Audit Trail

Tracking and viewing the complete history of a Document.

Viewing Document Account Entries

Looking at the Double Entry Bookkeeping Credit/Debit entries for Posting Documents.

Saving Documents as Pending

How to save Documents without posting their values to the Accounts.