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Creating Related Documents

For efficient workflow, you can create one Transactional Document from another.

For example:

  • Create a Sales Invoice from a Sales Quote or Job;
  • Create a Bill from a Purchase Order.

As an example a Sales Invoice will be created from a Sales Quote below. The same principle applies to other documents and workflows.

How to create an Invoice from a Quote

  1. Select the applicable Sales Quote Document.
  2. View the document (as shown below).

Sales Quote in View Mode

Sales Quote in View Mode

  1. Select which Line Items you wish to be Invoiced by clicking on each one. Once selected the Line Item will highlight in yellow.

Selecting Line Items for Invoicing

Selecting Line Items for Invoicing

  1. From the Actions drop-down menu click ‘Create Sales Invoice‘.
  2. A new Sales Invoice with all the relevant details will be created, including the two selected Line Items (see below).

New Sales Invoice with copied details

New Sales Invoice with copied details

  1. The Document is still in New mode and can be edit before saving, if required.

The new Document has a field ‘Our Ref‘ which is a hyperlink back to the original Quote. This is useful for navigating back to the originating Document.