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Entering Billing/Shipping Addresses

Transactional Documents have associated Billing and Shipping addresses, entered on the Document’s ‘Addresses’ tab.

The Billing address is typically where the Invoice is sent.

The Shipping address is where the Invoiced Items are sent.

On Purchase Documents there is a Payment address, where payments are sent to.

By default the Billing/Shipping address is specified on the Main Contact tab of the Customer/Supplier.

Both Customers and Suppliers can have multiple Billing, Shipping and Payment addresses, and it is possible to specify which ones to use as the default.

How to enter multiple Billing/Shipping addresses

A Customer and a Sales Invoice will be used as an example. The same principle applies to Suppliers etc.

  1. Find/create the Customer Document for which you want to create multiple addresses.
  2. From the ‘Actions‘ drop-down menu click ‘New Billing Address‘ or ‘New Shipping Address’.
  3. The new Billing Address /Shipping Document will display. (see below)

Create a new Billing Address

Create a new Billing Address

  1. Complete the fields as required.
  2. If it should be the default address, select the checkbox ‘Use as default’.
  3. Click ‘Save‘.

Multiple Billing/Shipping addresses can be created.

Fields on the Billing or Shipping address Document can also be customised. (see Customisation)

How to select the Billing/Shipping Address on a Document

Within a Transactional Document, on the ‘Addresses‘ tab is a drop-down menu.

From this drop-down, the associated Billing/Shipping addresses can be selected. (see below)

Entering a Document's Billing/Shipping addresses

Entering a Document’s Billing/Shipping addresses