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Enter Line Items

A Line Item table is included in many Transactional Documents.

This table allows you to select and enter the Items (i.e. Products/Services, Expenses etc) that make up the Document.

Line Items are entered onto each line of the Line Item table by using either the ‘Enter‘ or ‘Find‘ links.

Clicking ‘Enter‘ will allow you to manually enter product details directly on the line such as Description, Unit Price, Quantity etc, by typing it in.

Clicking ‘Find‘ will allow you to search for items already entered into your system, clicking and selecting them, which will then include details such as Description, Unit Price etc. (see below)

Adding Line Items

Adding Line Items

Details of a line item can be manually edited if required.

It is safer and quicker to use Find when adding line items. Manually adding items by typing them in (i.e. Enter), is more prone to errors.

How to Add a Comment

Type directly into the Description field. There is no need to add a specific Item.

How to Add a Sub-total

Once you are finished adding line items, a sub-total can be added in the next line.

  1. Select ‘Find’ in the next open line.
  2. At the top in the Action Bar is an option ‘Add sub-total’.
  3. Select ‘Add sub-total’.
  4. You will be returned to the previous screen where your line item list will now have a sub-total.

How to Add an Expense

When needed, an expense can be added to a line item list.

Expenses can include:

  • Repairs
  • Fuel
  • Taxi
  • Airport Tax
  • Flights
  • Venue Hire
  • Company Mileage
  • Employee Training
  • Travel (General)
  • Vehicle Fuel
  • Chargeback
  • General Expense
  1. While on a line item, select ‘Find’.
  2. From the Select Item/Expense screen, click the tab ‘Select Expense’.
  3. Click the Get/Refresh Expenses button.
  4. Select the green ‘Add’.
  5. You will be returned to your line item list, where you can modify the expense with further details, quantity and cost.

Adding an Expense

Adding an Expense

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