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Printing Documents

To be able to view PDF Documents, prior to printing, it is required to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Transactional Documents such as Sales Invoices can be printed in Adobe PDF format by clicking the ‘Print’ button on the Action Bar:

print button

A pop-up window will open containing the PDF Document. From there, the Document can be saved or printed.

How to do Bulk Printing

Multiple Sales Invoices can be printed form the Sales Invoice List, see Bulk Printing Invoices.

How to change the Printing styles

A predefined set of document printing styles is available, each with a different ‘look and feel’. These can be further customized for your company in terms of color, field names, sections included/excluded and titles/logos etc. See Working with Document Templates.

Examples of Printing styles

Below are some examples of the various printing styles provided:

Example Invoice Styles

Example Invoice Styles