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Working with the Balance field

By default the Balance field on Customer and Supplier Documents is set to zero when the Document is in its New State i.e. before it has been saved for the first time.

If you are carrying data over from an existing system, you first need to carry over the correct Customer/Supplier balances.


We recommend not entering a value in the Balance field, but rather to create the transactional documents that relate to the balance, which will then populate the Balance field correctly.

Editable Balance Field

Editable Balance Field

For example, a Customer has an outstanding balance of $345.70. By entering 345.70 in the Balance field, the Customer’s balance is correct from an accounting perspective, but the $345.70 probably relates to an outstanding Sales Invoice.

It would be better to create an appropriate Sales Invoice Document for the Customer, so that when payment is made it can entered against the appropriate Document.

Moreover you have a more accurate picture of the transactions that have occurred between you and your Customer.

Only enter a non-zero amount in the Balance field if you do not want a record of the associated Transactional Documents (such as Sales Invoices) that resulted in the balance.

If you do require a full record of the transactions, create the appropriate Transactional Document(s) with the correct Items and amounts. The Customer/Supplier Balance will then be adjusted automatically by the saving the Documents and your records will be correct.

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