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Contact Fields

Top Block Fields:


When creating a new Contact, the Company will be the Customer or the Supplier to which this contact belongs. Field can also be left empty for a stand-alone contact.


This is the Worker that created the Contact. The Owner can be reassigned at any time. The list of Owners is the current list of Workers that have login permission.

Bottom Block – Tab one: Details

Most fields are self-explanatory.


To denote the title of the contact such as Mr, Dr, Ms. etc.

Map (www link)

Any WWW link to an external map e.g. Google maps.

Contact Type

Can be used to specify a unique type or group to which this contact belong, such as Marketing Team. Can also indicate singular role, such as PA or CEO or CFO.

To customise the list, see Configuring Contacts.

Do NOT contact by

Tick these check boxes to indicate the contact’s communication preferences.

Bottom Block – Tab two: Notes

Add any additional notes as required

Bottom Block – Tab three: Classification

Classification facilitates greater organisational options.
For example, classifying customer according to country or region.

See Working with Classifications