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Sending Emails

Email can be sent directly from a contact such as a Customer or Supplier, or directly from a Contact Document.

Emails can be sent from transactional documents, such as Invoices, Credit Notes etc. The document is automatically attached as a PDF document.

How to send email from a Customer:

The below instructions are the same for Suppliers and Contacts.

Sending an email to a customer

Sending an email to a customer

Option A:

When viewing a Customer, click on ‘Email’ in the top bar, a popup window will open.

Option B:

When viewing a Customer, navigate to the Email Tab in the bottom block.

Select ‘New’, as shown above – Nr 2.

Select the desired template from the dropdown field indicated above as Nr 3.

Previously sent emails can be viewed in the Sent folder as shown above as Nr 4.

The Email Message


The Email Message

The diagram above is explained below.

  1. The ‘From‘ field is a drop down field, and should you have more than one email account, select the applicable ‘from’ account.
  2. The message body. If a template has been used it will be pre-filled.  Templates can be modified in the body of the message if required.
  3. If this mail has been created from a Transactional Document (such as an Invoice) this field will contain a link to that document, which will be attached to the email as a PDF.
  4. Once done, click Send. A copy of the email will be kept in the ‘Sent’ Folder.