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Working with Memos

  • Memos are like Post-it notes which you can use on almost any Document.
  • Memos can be scheduled to appear on your Calendar or To-do list.
  • In the top right hand corner of most Documents, click on the create-memo icon, to create a new memo.
  • Once a Memo has been saved, the Document displays a memo_icon to indicate that a Memo has been ‘attached’.
  • You can attach as many Memos as you need to a Document.
  • When you click on the memo_icon icon, a popup window will display the list of Memos attached to the Document.
  • Click on the to display an individual Memo.


Using the basics

How to create a new Memo

There are two types of Memos:

  1. Those that reference a Document (i.e. are ‘attached’ to a Document)
  2. Free-standing memos, not attached to a document.

For Type 1: While working in a Document:

  1. To create a Memo attached to a Document, click on the create-memo icon at the top left corner.
  2. A new Memo window will open.
  3. Once saved, this memo_icon icon will indicate a Memo has been attached to the Document.
  4. Clicking this icon again, will open a popup window displaying all the attached Memos.

For Type 1: While viewing a Document list

  1. While viewing the document list, select the line for which you want to create the Memo by clicking on the line. The colour will change to show it has been selected.
  2. Click the Create Memo create-memo icon on the List header strip as shown below.


3. A new Memo window will open.
4. Once saved, this icon placed inside the selected line, will indicate a Memo has been attached.
5. Clicking this icon again, will open a popup window displaying all the attached Memos.

For Type 2:

  1. From the Explorer click OrganiserMemos to display the Memo List. Click ‘Create Newcreate-memo on the Action Bar to display the new Memo Document.
  2. Or: From the Shortcut Bar click on ‘Create New‘ from the Memo Shortcut.
  3. Or: From the Calendar click on the memo_icon symbol to create a Memo on the specified date.

Memos and the Calendar

Memos can be ‘scheduled’ for a particular date. When scheduled, the Memo will appear on the Calendar at the appropriate date. See Working with the Calendar.

Memos can also be put on your to-do list (by clicking the to-do checkbox). Again this will display the Memo on the Calendar’s To-do list.

Sorting Memos into ‘Types’

Memo ‘Types’ assist with the organisation of information. This makes searching for particular memos easier.

You can set up your own types in addition to the existing types – Note, Task, Payment Expected. See Configure Memos.

Ways you can use Memos

Memos are very useful in key areas such as:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Selling
  • Sales Document processes
  • Supplier Management
  • Accounting

You can use Memos to:

  • Capture information about a call you had with a Customer/Supplier, or notes you made for yourself and others when dealing with a Document.
  • Assign Tasks to team members.
  • Schedule the date, time and duration of a Task, such as an appointment or call. The Memo will show in the assigned team member’s Calendar. If not assigned it, it will be default to your Calendar.
  • Remind yourself or someone else of an event or a task. The Reminder shows up in your, or the assigned Worker’s, Calendar. When selecting the tickbox ‘Email me the Reminder’, it is auto-populated with the email of the Assigned person.
  • To do lists are really useful. The to-do Memo appears in your or the assigned person’s Calendar.
  • Attach documents or files to a Memo by uploading them.
  • Link a website or a web page to a Memo. For example you might link a Google map location to a Memo that is attached to a Delivery Note.

Searching for and finding Memos

You can search for a Memo in a number of ways:

  • From a Document – click on memo_icon. This lists all the Memos associated with that Document.
  • From the Memos tab on some Documents such as Customers/Supplier/Jobs/Sales Orders. This lists all the Memos associated with that specific Document.
  • From the Memos List on the Explorer. This lists all the Memos assigned to you or those which you have permission to view. See Working with Roles.
  • From a Document List – If a Document has associated Memos it will have the memo_icon icon displayed next to it. Simply click on it to get the list of memos in a popup window. See below:


A Document List indicating a Memo