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Memo Fields

Top Block Fields:


Enter the subject of the Memo here. This will show when the memo is closed and you mouse-over the memo in the calendar.


The Document to which the Memo is linked. By clicking on the link, the associated document will display in the Work Area. If this Memo is not associated with a document, this field will be empty.


Tickbox, allowing you to further refine the purpose of the Memo. If ticked, the memo will appear on the calendar under the heading ‘To-do’.

Memo Type

A dropdown field indicating the ‘Type’ of the Memo, such as ‘Note’, ‘Task’, ‘Waiting for Payment’ etc. Can be customised, for more info see Configuring Memo.


A dropdown field with options for ‘Normal’, ‘Low’, ‘High’ and ‘Urgent.


A dropdown field with options for ‘Not Started’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Complete’ and ‘Overdue’.

Bottom Block – Tab one: Notes

Space where any information can be typed.

Bottom Block – Tab two: Detail

Created by

The Worker who created this Memo.


Should you wish to schedule this task, select the tickbox in this field, then enter the start date and time here. The Memo will appear on the Calendar in the scheduled time and date. See Working with the Calendar.


Should you wish to specify a Duration, select the tickbox in this field, then specify the hours and minutes.

WWW Link

You can store a link to a web page or website here.

Assigned to

The name of the Worker to which this Memo is assigned.

Assigned on

The date on which the Memo was assigned. Defaults to the current date but can be changed.


Should you wish to have a reminder, select this tick box and set a future date.

The memo will then appear on the Calendar, and on the Reminders list.

Email me the Reminder

To receive a reminder in your email inbox, select the tick box. This field will be auto-populated with the email address of the ‘Assigned to’ entry. If it is assigned to yourself, your email address will show.


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