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Working with the Calendar

The Calendar tracks events, tasks and to-do lists.

Entries in the Calendar are made using Memos. Memos are similar to Post-it notes and  can be attach to any Document.

Memos can be scheduled to the Calendar, and can also be put on your to-do list. For more information see Working with Memos.

The Calendar has a large display area. To view it in full screen mode, click the top right icon (indicating four arrows pointing out), in the Work Area.

Calendar Controls

The Calendar can be viewed either in Day,Week, Month or Year format. The picture below shows a typical Calendar viewed by Month.

Toggle the buttons at the top next to the date for options as follows:

1 – One Day View
7 – One Week View
31 – One Month View
365 – One Year View

Also use the << Backward and >> Forward buttons to navigate through dates.

Calendar displayed in monthly format

Alternatively, from the Actions Dropdown, you can select an option to jump either to Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, This Month, Next Month and This Year of your calendar.

Mousing over a Memo entry will display the Memo’s associated information.

You can view other people’s Calendars (if you have permission) by using the ‘Select User‘ drop-down.

How to Create a New Calendar Entry

  1. While viewing the calendar, click on a date.
  2. When that day’s calendar opens, click on your chosen time.
  3. A New Memo window will pop-up where further details can be added.

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