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Items represents Products or Services that you buy and sell.

‘Items’ hold information such as

  • The Product Code,
  • Sales Price/
  • Purchase Costs,
  • Descriptions,
  • Which Accounts are updated when the Item is bought or sold.

The Products/Services Folder is shown below.

the products services folder

The Products/Services Folder

Stock Items are products that you buy, stock and subsequently sell.

Stock item quantities is adjusted when you buy and sell by using Purchase or Sales Documents such as Bills and Sales Invoices.

Categories are assigned to your Items to ensure they are efficiently sorted and organised. Each Item may be assigned up to four categories.

Attributes can also be assigned to your Item. Attributes can have a value such as color, size, manufacturer etc. Each item may be assigned up to six attributes.

The Products/Services is where you would adjust Item prices. To do this you would access Customer Price Levels under the Products/Services Folder.

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