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Stock Sites

A Stock Site represents a specific location where you store stock. It could be a Stockroom, Warehouse or a section of a Warehouse (e.g. Goods In) or a fleet of vans that contain Stock, and you may wish to track the stock movements in each van.

As a default there is a single Site called the Primary Site, which is notionally used to store all your stock. The default name for this Site is Warehouse 1, and can be changed if required. This Site cannot be deleted.

To view/add/delete Sites simply go to the Explorer under Product/ServicesSites and click on ‘Create Newplus.

Stock Locations

Within each Site you can specify an arbitrary number of Stock Locations.

These are physical locations within the Site that stock is located such as bins, shelves, holding areas etc.

Within each location you can specify exactly which items can be located there.

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