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Stock Assembly Item

Stock Assembly Items are used by companies who build products from raw materials that they stock, or assemble products from a set of sub-parts that are stocked. The assembled product is itself then held in stock.

The Stock Assembly Item is a Stock Item that has a list of associated sub-items that are used in its construction. This list is usually referred to as the Bill Of Materials. The Bill Of Materials is held in its own Tab on the Stock Assembly Item Document.

The Bill Of Materials can itself contain Stock Assembly Items as well as Stock Items. This allows you to model assemblies and sub-assemblies of arbitrary complexity.

The Bill Of Materials

The Bill Of Materials can contain any type of Item. The total cost of the completed Stock Item is automatically calculated and entered into the Item Cost field under the Purchasing tab.

For all Stock Items average costing is used to determine the cost of Stock Items sold. This is the same for Stock Assembly Items. The actual cost used in sales will be the sum of the average costs of the constituent Stock/Assembly Items on the associated Bill Of Materials.

Building Stock Assemblies

While manufacturing a product from stocked items, two things happen to stock levels:

  1. The amount of raw material (specified in the BOM) in stock decreases.
  2. The number of built products increases.

Your system has been modelled so that the stock count and stock valuation can be recorded accurately.

The following steps are used to define and build a Stock Assembly Item:

  1. From the Explorer click Products/ServicesItems.
  2. Click ‘Create Newplus from the Action Bar or the Green  in the Explorer.
  3. Click ‘Stock Assembly‘.
  4. A new Stock Assembly Item Document will be created.
  5. Fill in the details on the Sales Tab such as Item code, sales price etc.
  6. From the BOM tab add the required Bill Of Materials. Typically this is composed of either Stock Items or other Stock Assembly Items. You will notice that as you add Items to the BOM the cost on the purchase tab is automatically calculated.
  7. Once you have added the Bill Of Materials you can save the Item.

You can now build your assemblies; this ensures the stock count is correct.

From the Items ‘Actions’ drop-down simply click ‘Build Assembly’. This shows the Build Assemblies page which allows you to specify how many Assemblies you want to build.

Building the assembly will adjust the Stock (and Stock Asset Accounts) appropriately. See Building Stock Assemblies.

Once the assemblies have been built you can now sell them in the usual way by placing them on Invoices etc.

Breaking Stock Assemblies

‘Breaking the assembly’ is when you wish to dismantle assemblies and return the constituent parts to stock.

Breaking assemblies reduces the assembly stock count but increases the count of stock listed in the associated Bill Of Materials.

For more information on breaking assemblies see Breaking Stock Assemblies.

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