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Breaking Stock Assemblies

‘Breaking the assembly’ is when you wish to dismantle assemblies or break Stock Inventory Items previously built using Build Assemblies, and return the constituent parts to stock.

Consequently it:

  1. Decreases the stock count of the Stock Assembly Item.
  2. Increases the stock count of the associated sub-Items listed in the Bill Of Materials.

How to Break Stock Assemblies

  1. From the Explorer click Stock.
  2. Search for the Stock Assembly Item to be dismantled.
  3. Select the Checkbox next to the Stock Assembly Item.
  4. From the ‘Actions’ dropdown, select ‘Break Assemblies‘.
  5. A New Break Assemblies document will open.
  6. The Ref # field is a unique auto generated identifier for the Stock Adjustment. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  7. Complete the A/C Memo field with a descriptive entry.
  8. You can change the date, but by default it is the date this document is created.
  9. Choose the site, if applicable and if there is more than one.
  10. Click the ‘Save‘ button.

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