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Stock Adjustments

The Stock Adjustment Document allows you to adjust both the number of Items in stock and their associated value. This is useful when doing a stock check.

How to create a Stock Adjustment

A Stock Adjustment can be created in two ways:

    1. From the Stock Item you wish to adjust: simply click the ‘New Stock Adjustment‘ action from the ‘Action’ drop-down menu.
    2. From the Stock List: from the Explorer click Products/ServicesStock this displays the Stock List. Then list the Stock Items in the usual way (see Working with Lists). See the picture below:

Managing a Stock Adjustment

3. The new Stock Adjustment Document will be created that lists the associated Stock Items (as shown below).

Managing a Stock Adjustment

The Stock Adjustment Document

Follow the steps as shown above:

  1. Enter a brief description in the A/C Memo field.
  2. Enter the date the adjustment is made.
  3. Choose the appropriate adjustment account.
  4. Select the checkbox ‘Edit Stock Values’ if you need to adjust the values as well as the quantities.
  5. In the columns ‘New Qty on Hand’ and ‘New Value’ adjust the values.

A few things are worth noting:

  • The Ref # field is a unique auto generated identifier for the Stock Adjustment. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • The Account Mapping field determines which account the adjustment is posted to. The default account mapping can be set, see Configuring Accounts.
  • By default only the Stock Quantities are editable. If you want to edit the Stock value as well click on the Edit Stock Values checkbox.
  • When you are happy with the Stock Adjustment details click the ‘Save‘ button.

Stock Adjustment Documents cannot be edited or deleted.