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Working with Price Levels

For each Item you would specify a default Unit Price. This is the price per unit that is used to populate the associated Line Item’s price on Transactional Documents, such as Sales Invoices.

For certain Customers you may want to adjust this default price across all items, for example give a 10% discount to ‘Gold’ Customers – this is done by creating a Pricing Level, and assigning it to the Customer.


Working with Customers
Working with Items

How to create a new Price Level

  • From the Explorer click Products/ServicesPrice Levels.
  • Click ‘Create New‘ plus from the Action Bar or the Green  in the Explorer.
  • This will display the a new Price Level Document shown below.

Entering a New Price Level

Entering a New Price Level

4. Assigned a descriptive name, and a percentage.
5. Select from the dropdown whether to increase the price with the percentage, or decrease the price by the percentage.
6. Save.

How to Set the Price Level for a Customer

  1. From the Explorer click Customers.
  2. Select the Customer to be assigned a different price level.
  3. Navigate to the Profile Tab.
  4. Click ‘Edit’.
  5. Scroll down to Trading Information.
  6. Select the Price Level from the drop-down menu (as shown below).
  7. Click ‘Save’.

Setting the Customer Pricing Level

Setting the Customer Pricing Level

When a Sales Document for this Customer is created the Document will, by default, be assigned the Customer’s Price Level.

Therefore all Line Items added to the Document will automatically be adjusted by the assigned Price Level percentage.

It is also possible to select a Price Level on a Sales Document itself from the ‘Price Level’ dropdown. (as shown below)

Document Price Level

Setting the Price Level on a Sales Document

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