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Working with Price Lists

Price Lists allow you to set prices (and costs) for Items that are different from the default Item Price (i.e. the Base Price List).

You can assign Price Lists to Customers/Prospects and Suppliers.

When a new Sales document is created the price of the Line Items will be taken from the associated Price List.

Each Price List has a name, and you can create an unlimited number of lists.

If a particular Item price/cost cannot be found in the assigned Price List the default value found in the Base Price List will appear against the Line Item.

The Base Price List can be uploaded and edited in the same way as a normal Price List.


Working with Customers
Working with Items

How to create a new Price List

  1. From the Explorer click Products/ServicesPrice Lists.
  2. Click ‘Create Newplus from the Action Bar or the Green  in the Explorer.
  3. This will display the new Price List Document shown below.

New Price List Document

New Price List Document

4. Assign it a name, and a short description.
5. For Short Price Lists or editing existing prices, use the ‘Item Prices‘ table (Shown below)

For long lists it is more convenient to upload prices using an Excel Spreadsheet.

How to upload Prices using Excel

To upload prices via Excel, the Price List must be in either View or Edit state (as shown below).

Updating Prices via Excel

Updating Prices via Excel

First download the Excel template by clicking the button ‘Download Template‘.

Save this document to your local machine and fill in the required prices/costs. You can also specify foreign currency values as well, if required.

Having filled in the spreadsheet click ‘Upload Price List‘ and upload the price list using the popup window.

How to set the Price List on a Customer/Prospect/Supplier

  1. From the Explorer click Customers. (Or Prospect or Supplier)
  2. Select the Customer to be assigned a different price level.
  3. Navigate to the Profile Tab.
  4. Click ‘Edit’.
  5. Scroll down to Trading Information.
  6. Select the Price List from the drop-down menu (as shown below).
  7. Click ‘Save’.

Setting the Customer Pricing List

Setting the Customer Pricing List

When a Sales Document for this Customer is created the Document will, by default, be assigned the Customer’s Price List.

Therefore all Line Items added to the Document will automatically use the prices/cost from the assigned Price List. If no entry exists for the Item the default Base values will be used.

It is also possible to select a Price List on a Sales Document itself from the ‘Price List’ dropdown. (as shown below)

Setting the Price List on a Document

Setting the Price List on a Document

The Base Price List

The Base Price List is the default prices/costs assigned to the Items. These values can be set in the Items themselves, alternatively you can set them via the Base Price List.

The Base Price List is just like a conventional Price List as described above, but simply applied to the Item default prices/costs. You can also upload the Base Price List using Excel, as described above.

To access the Base Price List, from the Explorer go to Products/ServicesPrice Lists. Then from the Price Lists page simply click ‘Show Base Price‘ (as  shown below).

Accessing the Base Price List

Accessing the Base Price List

You can also upload the Base Price List from the usual Data Import page: Settings→Import Data.

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