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Working with Cash Purchases

A Cash Purchase can be recorded in two ways:

  1. The Cash Purchase Document.
  2. Directly onto your Bank Account.

The Cash Purchase Document allows you to:

  • Record Item Detail.
  • Pay a Supplier in full for the products or services at the point of purchase.
  • Record the payment method (e.g. Debit Card) you used to pay the Supplier.

Cash Purchases work similarly to regular Bills, for which you are invoiced and later pay the Bill. The difference is that Cash Purchases changes your cash (i.e. Bank) balance, rather than your Accounts Payable (Purchase Ledger) as with Bills.


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How to create a new Cash Purchase

See Creating new Transactions and Entering Line Items for the basic information.

How to process a Cash Purchase

  1. On the bottom block, select the tab ‘Payment Method’.
  2. Choose the appropriate option in the dropdown field Payment Method.
  3. For Credit Card, additional fields will be added to the form. Complete these first.
  4. Choose the appropriate Payment Processor.
  5. Select Process Payment from the top bar.

When creating a Cash Purchase from within the Supplier document you need to specify the details of the payment method being used through the ‘Payment Method‘ tab. See Entering Payment Details for more information.

Cash Purchase Key Facts

  • The Cash Purchase Document records a cash payment to a Supplier in full, typically at the point of sale.
  • Making a Cash Purchase does not affect the Supplier balance.
  • The Ref # is a unique identifier/number associated with the Document. See Working with Reference numbers (Ref #).
  • The Printed Document can be formatted with your company logo, colors etc. See Working with Document Templates.

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